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Get To Know Your Credit (Score)

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Stop in at either office to learn more about your credit and credit score.

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Stop in at either office ANYTIME during normal business hours. We will sit with you one-on-one and take a look at your individual credit and credit score. It’s FREE and has no affect on your score.

Knowledge is Power, Especially When It Comes To Your Credit Score

Knowing what your credit looks like and what your credit score is can be valuable knowledge for many different areas of your life. It doesn’t just dictate what your interest rate on a loan will be. It could also determine how much of a deposit you need to put down for basic utilities or how much you’ll pay monthly for insurance. We would be more than happy to sit with you to look over your credit report.

Why Is This Valuable To You?

  1. Check For Errors
    Looking at your credit report allows you to see what is there and notify the proper merchant if something doesn’t look right.

  2. Know Your Score
    Knowing your credit score gives you an idea of how you appear to creditors. Knowing your score gives you a place to start improving.

  3. Seeing What Is On Your Credit
    Being able to see what is on your credit allows you to see which creditors are reporting your payments. It gives you an insight on your payment history and much more.

No Credit?

  • We can verify you don’t have a credit score and offer recommendations to build your credit. If you have a student/child, we can be a guide in their credit health too. We can make suggestions on how to start a solid foundation for your credit.

Low Credit Score?

  • We will go over your credit report with you and determine what steps should be taken to improve your credit and credit score. We can see debts that have impacted your credit score and what to do in the future.

800 Club?

  • Congratulations! It’s always SO EXCITING when someone has perfect credit, but stop in anyways! Even with great credit, it’s always a good idea to keep tabs on it to be sure everything listed is yours. Fraud happens way too frequently and checking on your credit and credit score will help ease your mind.
Men Pushing Score Up

A higher credit score will put more money in your pocket!

Stop in and we will work with you one-on-one to review your credit for FREE. We will go over any questions and/or concerns you may have.
We will also offer ways to increase your score or ways to maintain the score you currently have.

Let us offer you the reassurance you deserve when it comes to your credit!

We are dedicated to strengthening your well-being and becoming your
financial partner for life.

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