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At GCAFCU, we strive to be ‘Banking but Better

“They make it super easy for my day-to-day transactions and I don’t have to jump through hoops. Somewhere like this, I appreciate the respect and I try to show that back to the people that work here. To find a company that doesn’t suppress you and nurtures and accepts you is rare.” – Shawn

“It’s the friendliness, it’s the professionalism, it’s the keeping step with the forever changing face of banking and from when we started from paper checks, to mobile banking and implementing all of those different things and it’s just been an awesome experience.” – Andrea

“I really love this bank and trust a Credit Union over a bigger bank or something like that. It’s just nice to have the family feel from this place and with all the people that work here you always come in to see a smiling face.” – Melissa 

Our Youth Agree…

“Without the experience that GCAFCU kindly offered, I would never have learned what a bank account is, how it works, and why it’s important. Yet, GCAFCU showed me all of this, helping me as a young adult.” – Calvinn

“They made sure I understood each step of the process and how the credit union works in comparison to a bank. I feel like my money is secured and handled well through the credit union. Being in such a complicated time of life where college is a big stress, it is relieving to know that my money is taken care of and in a secure place. I do not feel stressed when approaching the credit union because I know that they are willing and happy to help me with anything I may need.” – Makenna

“I believe every kid, from elementary to high school, should have a bank account, and GCAFCU is the best place in town in which to entrust money. First, the rate and fees are highly competitive compared to everywhere else in Grove City. Second and most important, the customer service is fantastic!” – Erin

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