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What Others Are Saying

What Others Are Saying

Word of mouth has always been one of our biggest forms of advertising
and we strive to continue being a financial institution you can trust and rely on.

Friends Talking

So What Are Others Actually Saying About Us?

Loan Testimonials

  • My son had an accident and I needed to get a loan to be able to get him a surgery not covered by insurance. I had tried everywhere and everything and basically gave up until I came to GCAFCU’s loan department. They made me feel like everything was going to be okay and didn’t judge me on some bad credit mistakes I had made in my teens. The fact they were willing to help and give me the loan I needed for my son when no one else would made GCAFCU our saving grace.
  • They helped me get my credit back on track with a loan for my vehicle. The staff is always pleasant, no matter what.
  • A lot of friends and family have accounts here and they told me about the great unbeatable rates. I wanted to be able to take advantage of these rates for myself because who doesn’t want to save money? They were right, rates are unbeatable!

Checking Account Testimonials

  • Online banking, mobile deposits, and the constant watching for fraud makes my life easier. The credit union seems to know before I do when someone got access to my debit card. What don’t I love about GCAFCU? That answer is nothing at all. You all ROCK!
  • Someone got our debit card number and took money out of our account. GCAFCU gave us our money back the next day. I was very impressed.
  • Wonderful employees with prompt and informative service! You guys always meet my family’s needs & requests from savings and checking accounts to online services!
  • We always get friendly service. We have a savings and checking account as well as a loan and credit card. We enjoy having all of our banking needs taken care of here.

Customer Service Testimonials

  • Awesome customer service in person and over the phone. I’ve been a member since 2002. Extremely helpful when it comes to fraud. GCAFCU made the transition from start to finish with getting me a new card and money reimbursement very easy. Love my GCAFCU. The BEST!!!
  • I love GCAFCU because everyone is so helpful, kind, and patient. They have always helped me with whatever I needed; loans, setting up an account for my daughter, ect. Whenever I don’t understand a transaction, they are always able to let me know. I just love going inside to see everyone and it never fails for us to end in laughter. They are truly a great staff
  • Other than they rock, this is the friendliest financial institution I’ve ever done business with. I love that within days of opening an account, when I walk in, I’m greeted by name, asked “how can I help you,” along with “can I do anything else for you today?” This is premium customer service in my book.
  • I have always loved GCAFCU. They treat you like a person and not just another account or a number in the books. They actually care about you. They have great rates too.